Recently Adopted

大米, A Russian Blue Cat

Thunder, a Shiba Inu

Soda, a Pomeranian


1-year-old Bichon

2-year-old cat

2-year-old Silver Boy

1-year-old Luna

Puffy the 3-year-old Corgi

2-year-old Maine Coon

2-year-old Malshi

A Black Teddy


Newest Arrival


Our newest arrival!






Luna (A Mini Poodle)

Now living in Burien, Washington, Luna was adopted in January by her new family and after three months of waiting, they finally got to meet in mid-April! Now Luna is already attached to her family and follows them wherever they go.

Nova (A Shih Tzu Mix)

Nova, adopted in May, is now living in Bellevue, Washington with her new family and a dog sister! At first, Nova and her sister were unsure about each other, but now Nova is being protected by her sister from every dog they encounter.


Charlie (A Poodle Mix)

Charlie, the third dog adopted by LMC’s Fur Friend Rescue program, arrived in Seattle on the morning of July 10th. Thanks to the flight volunteer Mr. Shen for his care all the way during the flight! We hope that many more stray dogs can find happiness like Charlie.

Noomi (糯米)-(A Bichon Mix)

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