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Flight Volunteers

                                                                                                 ⚠WE NEED YOUR HELP⚠

If you are or you know somebody who will be flying from Shanghai, China, to Seattle, Washington. Please consider being a flight volunteer. Your job:

1. Meet the volunteers of the Bao’en Temple Stray Animal Protection Center at the airport before you go. This is where they will put the dog into your hands for the flight.

2. Submit the documents for the dog and go through the customs.

3. During the flight, the dog will be under your seat the entire time. The dog has already been trained to not bark, eat, or use the restroom during the flight.

4. After landing, you will then hand the dog to their new owner. A member of Fur Friend Rescue will also be there to help.

You will be paid $100 as our way to say thank you!

If you can help, please email us at

Fur Friend Rescue