Adoption Process

The Adoption Process

1. Submit an online application HERE.

Please note that FFR will not necessarily give the dogs to the first families to apply but to find the most suitable family for the dog.

2. FFR will contact you after receiving your application form.

3. FFR will try to but is not obligated to find a flight volunteer who flies with your dog. 

DISCLAIMER: Due to the reduction of flights between China and the United States during the epidemic period, it may take up to months to find a flying volunteer for your future dog.

4. Before finding a flight volunteer, the Bao’en Temple Stray Animal Protection Center will try to find a foster family to help your dog adjust to normal family life.

5. One week before the flying day, the volunteers at the Bao’en Temple Stray Animal Protection Center will arrange vaccinations, spay/neuter, deworm, and microchips for your dog.

6. Once a flight volunteer is found, you will be able to meet your dog at the airport for the first time!

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