Fur Friend Rescue

From Shanghai, China to Seattle, Washington, we work hard to bring the saved dogs to their forever homes.

A Summertime Fundraiser!

This summer, let the children stand together for charity sale, “break, give up, leave” let them become their own boss 👵 We also encourage children to make their own products, build their own brand, exercise your sales ability, love help to make the dog’s world full of love ❤️.

Following the success of our first charity sale last year and raising $4000, And all donated to the Shanghai Bao’en Temple. This year, the children of the project group decided to donate part of the funds to the local adoption agency.

Date: July 17th
Time: 3:00-7:00pm
Location: Crossroads Park

Holiday Cookie Sales!

In December 2021, members of Fur Friend Rescue met up! They baked and decorated various different types of sugar cookies, all Christmas themed! Later, the money made from the cookie sales were all donated towards the rescue dogs at the Bao’en Temple, hopefully providing a full stomach for the dogs.

A Meetup!

On October 16th, three of our previously adopted dogs; Nova, Charlie, Luna, and some other friends got to meet up at Medina park!

Thank you for your support!

A big shoutout to everyone who has supported our non-profit organization! Through some amazing local and online donations and fundraisers, we have raised a total of $4276.79! These will all be proceeds to help the dogs have a happy and full stomach. Once again, thank you for your help and support, you have helped make a big difference in many dogs’ lives.

A Successful Fundraiser

On Saturday, August 28, Fur Friend Rescue had successful a kids craft & yard sale, selling homemade crafts and more. After raising over $1,000, not only did the kids raise enough money for many hungry rescue dogs at the Bao’en Temple to have a full stomach, but the kids learned about how to market and sell their items, all while showing their love to the stray dogs at the rescue shelter.

Come check out our new charity fundraiser!

 Fur Friend Rescue has started their own charity fundraiser, selling T-shirts in hopes to donate all the proceeds to the Bao’en Temple, aiding many dogs with a full stomach. The children in the organization each personally designed their own T-shirt patterns; each T-shirt is $15. Please support the children’s’ charity fundraiser, and lend a helping hand to these stray dogs.

~If you would like to purchase a T-shirt:

   – Click HERE for the Chinese-written form.

   – Click HERE for the English-written form.

Latest stories

Master Zhixiang, a Buddhist Chinese monk who has saved more than 8,000 strays, and is working with FFR to provide rescued dogs, while FFR finds  suitable and loving homes in Washington State, USA.

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